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      My introduction to the world of theatre was swift and immediately transformative. After a decade of working as an interior designer, I followed the advice of an acquaintance in 2017 to apply to Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program. I followed this advice, and on being accepted into the program, I was embraced by a community of peers and mentors that spanned the full horizon of the performing arts and beyond. Today I have the good fortune of engaging professionally as a designer with both established and independent companies across the country, exploring a range of theatrical genres, and expressing a variety of perspectives in our society.


     In my scenic, costume and prop design work, I enjoy sculpting spaces and costumes in cross-pollination with creative teams and in symbiosis with directors and choreographers. I’m enthusiastic about finding ways to express underlying historical, cultural and psychological dimensions of stories in the worlds of visual art, performance and film. Some of the ways I realize this are by employing strategic colour relationships, textured surfaces and varied materials. As a performance is experienced, my intention is that viewers discover deeper layers of characters, places and things through the introduction or reorientation of scenic elements, and as outer and inner layers of costumes are revealed.

      Currently, there is a deficit of minority groups represented in creative and production teams in Quebec province and all across the country. I know that if we improve minority representation both onstage and offstage, we will all benefit from the wholeness of living in an open, honest and engaging society. By removing disempowering filters often imposed by those from without, the artistic community is steadily nurturing an environment where culture, history, and truthfulness can shine fully and without hindrance.

      In October of 2021, I was elected as Co-President of the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF) after having served for one year on the board of directors of this dedicated and vibrant organization. It’s an honour to be entrusted with this responsibility, and to work on strengthening the resources of this community that so openly welcomed me in. The performing arts industry has experienced and continues to experience immense changes since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s so important to be mindful of those members of our community who feel isolated and who have fallen through the cracks as we all endeavour to maintain financial and emotional stability. Some may argue that there wasn’t stability to begin with, but this doubly underlines how vital QDF is, as we collectively work for the betterment of ADVOCACY, VISIBILITY and DEVELOPMENT in the performing arts.


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