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DANCE: Papillon

A Danse-Cité & Créations Interdisciplinaires We All Fall Down coproduction

What can we expect from the unexpected? What can we recognize in the chaotic, in a world governed by unpredictability? Drawing on the aesthetics of street and contemporary dance, PAPILLON juxtaposes three solos and a live experimental soundtrack in a complex trio that explores the delicate balance between order and disorder.

" How do we create under confinement?  How are we together while alone? How can we generate empathy, not images? How can we travel through time while being in the present moment? How will we grieve what we've lost while moving towards the future? How can we learn to sit comfortably in friction? How can we be three dimensional in a two dimensional frame? "

Helen Simard

in collaboration with the performers Nindy Banks, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Victoria Mackenzie, Rémy Saminadin, Roger White, Ted Yates

Roger White musical director

Jody Burkholder sound engineer

Robin Fisher set design

Stéphanie Fromentin rehearsal direction

Hannah Kirby technical direction and lighting design

Alexandra Landé artistic consultant

Mathieu Leroux dramaturgy

Nalo Soyini Bruce costume design + Courtney Orbin Moses design assistance

Do Phan Hoi photographer

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