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About the client:

Charcoal Drawings by Frank Mulvey, Visual Artist

About the client:

I was born in Buffalo, New York. My family moved to Canada in 1967, and settled in Montreal. I completed my BFA and my Master’s degree under Guido Molinari at Concordia University in Montreal in 1987.

I have been producing charcoal drawings since the early 1980s, using custom-made angle iron frames that have become a hallmark of my artistic production. I feel that the materiality of those welded steel frames complements the rawness of the charcoal medium. This emphasis on surface qualities and interesting materials is rooted in the visual and tactile experience of my early years as a practicing artist. I lived and worked in old run-down commercial buildings on St. Maurice and Wellington streets, near Old Montreal. Other people’s discarded objects became the building blocks for my repurposed furniture and studio paraphernalia. The surrounding buildings spoke of their history through their timeworn appearance and varied construction materials. The unique, beautiful and often ragged people of the neighbourhood made their mark on me. Although I have since lived and worked in a variety of areas, the soulful characteristics of people and aging architecture have been omnipresent through my life and have permeated my psyche and my imagery.

My ongoing production of solidly framed artworks combines anatomical, architectural and natural elements as a pretext to express a set of themes. Although my life experience is individual to me, those themes are common to us all. They include “doubt,” “desire,” “union” and “transcendence” among others. 

I have been honoured with grants and awards from both public and private institutions, including the Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. My artworks are held in numerous collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank and the Musée du Québec. I have had fifteen solo shows, and I am the author of the art books Voyage (2012, published by Dawson College) and The Stillness of Time (2003, published by Galerie de Bellefeuille). My contribution to Quebec culture has been recognized in Robert Bernier’s La Peinture au Québec depuis les années 1960, Les editions de l'Homme, 2002.

I taught in the Fine Arts Department of Dawson College for 30 years, and simultaneously in the Illustration Department for 24 years. I am proud to have served as a coordinator for S.P.A.C.E. (Science Participating with Arts and Culture in Education) from 2010-2016. S.P.A.C.E. is an experimental  initiative at Dawson College that encourages interdisciplinary exploration and student-initiated projects. In 2009, I was honoured with a Teaching Excellence Award by the Director General of Dawson College.

I have a studio in the Plateau Mont-Royal where, among my props, contraptions and rigs, I engage in research, create my artwork and do my own custom framing. I am happy to now be represented by the esteemed Galerie D'Este in Montreal.

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