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INTERIORS: Retro Livingroom

Eclectic, late 1960s charm

This project was designed for a couple with a newborn. They wanted a space that embraced the needs of parents and the baby.

Example of the recommendations provided to the client:

Here are a few designer tips that we would like to point out for you to increase the design impact in your room. Unify your space: Applying wallpaper to the walls in the living room and also by the staircase, will visually expand the living area. Streamline your space: Hang curtains from a ceiling mounted curtain rod that extends from wall-to-wall to create an uncluttered view as you enter the room. Accentuate your space: Add character and additional storage to your fireplace by integrating a custom built floating shelf that wraps around its angles. This is the perfect opportunity for adding accessories and keepsakes that let your personality shine!

Example of the summary of client needs:

Your room, your style: ●The area concerned is the living room ●The asymmetric shape of the space has proven challenging in the past ●You’d like an eclectic and original decorative scheme, reflecting your love of nature and late 1960s charm

Functional needs: ●The room will be primarily used for reading, relaxing and entertaining with friends and family ●Your room must be baby and child friendly ●Multi-functional lighting that offers adjustable levels of light is important

●Discreet/harmonious storage solutions for baby’s needs are important too! ●You’d like additional seating to comfortably accommodate more guests

●A television is not required in this room

Your budget (& budget saving solutions): ●You have a budget of $3000 (not including changes to your fireplace) ●Your existing 3-seater sofa and a cowhide carpet are to be integrated into the new design ●A solution/s that update the fireplace, and introduce a strong focal point to the room within your budget are welcomed ●You are open to suggestions to update existing window treatments

design at distance (d@d) was a company providing affordable home design expertise across North America.

The services offered: Interior Home Staging, Colour & Style Make-Overs and Exterior Design.

Exterior design concept/plan, 3D illustration, presentation design: Nalo Bruce


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