Mask design (project ongoing)

The process:

  • sculpt the preliminary study of the mask with modelling clay

  • prepare the paper clay (papier-mâché) with leftover pulp from my recycled handmade paper making process 🌿♻️💚

  • add an initial layer of papier-mâché to the modelling clay base

  • add more refined papier-mâché to define the facial features

  • remove modelling clay from dried mask

  • sand, seal, paint and add details

Sometimes I work on multiple projects at the same time. Imani, another mask can be seen in the photos above.

Zemora was also featured in an installation piece I did for Nuit Blanche 2020. You can check that project post here.

A peek at the installation below:

A Piece of Mine Arts, with the support of Theatre Passe Muraille Presentation

The Negroes Are Congregating (NAC) unapologetically wrestles with deep-rooted internalized racism through the lens of the Western World and the 'Black experience' that stretches far beyond Canada and the United States, for a pan-African exploration. The laugh-out-loud piece balances comedy with discomfort, pulling audiences beyond the fourth wall, where everyone is invited to cackle, cry and be still together. Artists Uche Ama (Female 1), Christopher Bautista (Male 1) and Christopher Parker (Male 2) perform this contemporary piece delivered through a fusion of spoken word, satire, soulful dialect and musical vocals. Audiences will enter a realm of private truths and leave with an understanding of what it means to be Black, proud, and ready!


Christopher Parker • Christopher BautistaUche Ama


Written and Directed by Natasha Adiyana MorrisProduced and Production Managed by Troy De FourDramaturgy by Donna Michelle St Bernard and Lincoln Anthony BladesStage Management by Christie MaingotProduction Design/Wardrobe Design by Nalo Soyini BruceLighting Design by Lance BraithwaiteAssistant Production Design/Wardrobe Design by Krystin Leigh SmithProduction Assistance by Tinesha Richards

Point de repère: An installation by Nalo Bruce in the group exhibition The  Green  New Deal (in the context of Nuit Blanche) at The Pine Collective

I create masks as a means of exploring identity and outlook on the world in relation to people of colour. In the installation Point de repère, the nature of things shifts depending on where the participant stands. Viewing the installation through the eyes of the mask brings a particular view of the world into being. The mask is made from recycled materials, including paper and sawdust, using a papier-mâché technique.

Je crée des masques comme moyen d'explorer l'identité et les perspectives du monde par rapport aux personnes de couleur. Dans l'installation Point de repère, la nature des choses change selon où se place le du participant. Regarder l'installation à travers les yeux du masque donne une vision particulière du monde. Le masque est fabriqué à partir de matériaux recyclés, y compris du papier et de la sciure de bois, en utilisant une technique de papier mâché.

  • Techniques mixte / mixed media 

  • Dimensions variables / variable dimensions

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