for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf

‘for colored girls’ brilliantly shows how important and essential a sisterhood and the conversations – or lack thereof – within it can be, often culminating in a hot pot of laughs and tears through song, dance and poetry. Written back in 1974, yet it still holds a valuable space in our current climate, playwright Ntozake Shange flings you into the world of a group of women who are finally stepping into their own voices by sharing their life experiences and the dilemma that comes with being a “sista”, what that looks like, the misconceptions around it and the magic that can be conjured when black women come together for healing.

Written by Ntozake Shange • Directed by Munyaradzi Guramatunhu • Associate Director Shanti Gonzales • Set and costumes designed by Nalo Soyini Bruce

"MASKULIN(E)" A bilingual performance that follows two actors who perform half-mask vignettes which portray stories of men who are rewarded for conforming to masculine norms or punished for rejecting them, all while learning about their own relationship to these norms. The performance poses the questions: how do we continue unlearning harmful patriarchal thinking even when we think we already have? How can we be both perpetrator and victim of toxic masculinity?

"MASKULIN(E)" Une performance bilingue qui met en scène deux acteurs. Ils jouent de courtes scènes masquées qui représentent des histoires d'hommes récompensés pour s'être conformés aux normes masculines ou punis pour les avoir rejetées, tout en apprenant leur propre relation à ces normes. La pièce pose les questions suivantes : comment pouvons-nous rejeter les aspects négatifs du patriarcat alors que nous croyons l'avoir déjà fait? Est-ce possible de propager la masculinité toxique tout en étant une victime à la fois?

CO-CREATION: Alexandre Lang, Curtis Legault, Michelle Rambharose • DIRECTION: Michelle Rambharose • PERFORMANCE: Alexandre Lang Curtis Legault • STAGE MANAGEMENT: Lyanna Labelle-Rocha • SOUND DESIGN: Joseph Browne • LIGHTING DESIGN: Alizee Millot • ASSISTANT LIGHTING DESIGN: Jon Cleveland • SET & MASK DESIGN: Nalo Soyini Bruce • COSTUME DESIGN: Nicolas Ruzza

A Black Theatre Workshop 2017-2018 Artist Mentorship Program presentation

Every year Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program presents an Industry Showcase that highlights the talents an Ensemble that have been working with for eight months. AMP 2017 -2018 was the ensemble that I participated in and our showcase was held in the MAI theatre space.

Benita Bailey - Actor • Nikita Bala - Stage Manager • Nalo Soyini Bruce - Designer • Jeremy Cabrera - Actor • Lydie Dubuisson - Playwright • Sophie El-Assaad - Designer • Shanti Ikwa Gonzales - Director • Emmanuel Hyppolite - Actor • Justin Johnson - Actor • Kě Xīn Li - Playwright • Gabe Maharjan - Actor • Gita Miller - Actor • Michelle Rambharose - Actor • Michelle Soicher - Director

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